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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Walter Paul Bebirian

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from what I can remember as it comes to me –

I was born in Forest Hills, New York near the end of 1949.

At age 7 I began private violin lessons –
during the same year my father took me to visit my uncle Jack Arabian working at the ABC Television Station at 66th Street in Manhattan –

On my 8th birthday my parents gave me a Kodak Brownie Camera – and I took my first photograph – of my Uncle Jack Arabian making shish kebab on his ba-b-que:


In grammar school P.S. 144 Forest Hills in the NYC Public School System I played the violin in the school orchestra – broke my hand playing sports – began playing the Sousaphone and practiced at my home on a trumpet and also played the Bass Drum for Orchestra performance –

In Junior High School I became a member of the Queens Junior High School All Borough Orchestra performing at Queens College Colden Auditorium and the All City Junior Hight School Orchestra – performing in Carnegie Hall

my music experience during high school years:
yes I remember that time of life – we had orchestra rehearsal every lunch hour – I was playing the violin – Friday nights I was performing with my rock band (bass guitar) at different locations – Saturday morning was a rehearsal with the All City High School Orchestra (violin) – then on to an hour private lesson Saturday afternoon -(violin) – rock band rehearsal during the late afternoon (bass guitar) – performance with the rock band Saturday night (bass guitar) – Sunday afternoon performance with the Queens Symphony Orchestra(violin) and Sunday night rock band performance (bass guitar) – Wednesday rehearsal with the Queens Symphony (violin)- and Monday night rehearsal with an Armenian Group (violin) preparing for an Armenian play performance to raise money to build the St. Vartan’s Armenian Cathedral in Manhattan –
when I was asked to join the All Country Orchestra (violin) and spend Easter Week rehearsing – that is where I said no thank you –

during all of the following years until 1976 I continued to take photographs as well as create art images for myself –

In Queensbororo Community College I exhibited a group of photographs in the school

In Queens College I had one of my images published in the school literary magazine – Whereas

some efforts in marketing currently in effect:

including Pinterest:


– and people have been repining them –

I also have a twitter page where people have sometimes been commenting :


– there each image is posted as I upload –

then I do have a main Facebook page for my art:


and someone pointed out to me the other day that my FAA widget is implanted there in the shop section or page:


I have a group specifically for my art collection:


a few blogs:


the FAA widget on every page of my main site:


a Saatchi Online page:


a spot on Artists Info in England:


a presence on LinkedIn:


perhaps there are more locations but these above are a few of the main ones –

after all of this effort it is most important to realize that the right image must land in front of the right person – and at the right time – 🙂

here is something to add – although my account started in 2015 – I did not begin uploading a large amount until September 2017 – before that I had only a few images up to feel the system here out

also here is my Manifesto:


global reach to encourage purchases throughout the world:


and a description of my own movement:


a personal page of Facebook:


ahhh – but things are constantly changing and even Gagosian:


has recently done some online selling for a limited time and made sales – and David Hockney is doing digital images which is a big giant step – when I had a photographic show in 1976 in Soho – the issue was that artists were saying that photography was not art -and then things changed over the years – and they will change even more as time goes on – we will of course see what happens – and in the mean time I will do what is comfortable or makes sense to me – and I suggest that each individual does the same for themselves – I will not tell anyone what they must or should do – I have tried different approaches for myself however I am not dependent on any one or the other or any of them working – just exploring – When my work was up on Imagekind – I did sell quite a number of canvas prints – and I have sold actual photographic prints during the period of my life before 2000 – but I do not think anything significant has happened with my work yet – we will see as time goes on whether I understand anything or if anyone understand me – my thoughts – feelings – ideas and whatever else me and my art till this point in time – I have a different view on things than anyone else – that is the fun of being me – having my own mind altogether in this world –

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these fine works of art are available for purchase directly to you through over a billion gallery outlets wherever a PC – tablet – smart phone or Internet connected TV is available –
so join the over 10 million viewers who have already seen these works of art and start your collection today!
The Bebirian Art Collection
located at:
and now here on Fine Art America begins a new era with
The Volord Kingdom Art Collection –

my work is totally digital and so each print whether on canvas – paper or on any of the other products – is an original art piece – not simply a copy –


now to everyone entering this site to view the images in the Volord Kingdom Art Collection whether you are an art viewer – art collector – interior designer – interior decorator and art critics and all other people – through the website address –


you are entering a very highly specialized technically advanced art website that will allow you to quickly view and focus on viewing images that contain specific colors that you may wish to see –

to do this – it is recommended that upon entering the site that you simply find one image within the first few pages that looks to contain the colors that you would like to find all images within my collection that have those colors – open that image up a find the color swatches on the bottom of that image’s page and upon click on any of those images you will be shown all of the other images within my extensive collection that contain that color – or once you have clicked on one color swatch and come up with a number of images – if you don’t find what you want there is a pull down bar on the top of the page that will allow you to choose additional or secondary color in addition to the primary color that you chose by clicking on the first choice that you made from the color swatches showing on that first image –

all of the images that you will be shown are images created by me – Walter Paul Bebirian and are within this one single site –